"Then" and "Now"
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Chris & Joan Pritchard ~ Feb. 10, 1974 in Eureka, CA, center: Thanksgiving 2016 and right at Jessica's wedding May 2010
Paul & Maureen LaVanway 6/11/77 in NY 
and in Seattle, WA in April, 2006
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Peter & Bobbin Corey at Festival of Son in 1974 and January 2007
Left to right: Bruce Porter, Sam Griffith & Craig Kent in 1974 
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Steve & Janis Lappin   in New York and in 2006
Pete & Linda Morgan
above: in Mendocino in 1974
right: in Phoenix, AZ - 2006
Jim & Celeste Durkin- at Lighthouse Ranch in 1972,  above with family in 2008
Joel & Nancy Severson & Paul Johnson (on right)
above in 1972, right in 1994

Rense and Mary Miller ~ Eureka 1970's above

Rhonda Minkin, Harry & Sandy Hewat, Renie Elsaesser, Mary Mansur-1975
Kay and Guy Dragon - then above 
                 and now below
Only some "then" on these so far, but here's a 2005 group photo. Left to right (wives in front of their husbands)
Mike & Cindy Becker, James & Talia Nichols, Tony & Jane Tuck, Frank & Pam Lagielski, Jay & Madeline Crowdus
Lambert & Marnie Hazelaar, Richard & Katherine Twiss,  Daniel & Thelma Meyer, Jim & Sue Wall.
Tony & Jane Tuck
Francis & Pam Lagielski
Daniel & Thelma Meyer
Lambert & Marnie Hazelaar
Richard & Katherine Twiss
Jim & Sue Wall
Dick & Gladys Funnell
above in 1970's, below with five children
Dave Sczepanski 1970's
below: Dave & Tracey 2006
Jon & Amy Sczepanski-
Alex & Renie Elsaesser family- 1978
Alex & Renie Elsaesser in 2007
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Joe and Patty Esposito at wedding                                    and in 2006 visiting Italy                                          and with their five children     
Richard Ford in 1970
right; Richard in 2006
Craig Kent in 2006
Bruce Porter in 2004
James & Talia Nichols- 1976 in AK
Ben and Mary Dennis then and now with their 8 children at their ranch in Arizona below   

Walter and Susie Burbank in 1978
and with family in 2007
Bill and Ileana Ireland
on honeymoon above,
in 2004 at right.
Bill with his kids in 2005 right
Harry and Sandy Hewat ~ 2005 in England
Rense and Mary Miller ~ now with Sarah, Scott and Tim.
from family website: www.rensemiller.com
Dave & Tracey Sczepanski 2006
Mike & Mary Lou Bryan 1985 wedding,   with family in 2012, in Eureka in 2014
Victor & Kristy Bedoian then and 2014
John & Robynn Durkin- 1975 
and with family in 2014 at right
Sam Griffith 2012