G.O. Koinonia House in Whittier, CA  
(photos by Terry Clinkenbeard)

When I was 14 years old I fellowshipped at the commune. And they picked me up for bible studies and sometimes on the weekends I spent the nite. I finally moved in when I was 17 years old.  I think I moved out when I was 19 years old.  Moving in protected me from the abusived father I had.I'm grateful for the experience of living with the body of Christ. 

We were very close knitted in love. We had church at the Ymca across the street. We were all young and on fire for Jesus. We thought Jesus was coming back in the 70's. A lot of us went to  Whittier High School and lived in the commune. 
 We had bible studies at lunch time.

We had a house on Hadley Street. I lived in the house on Bright Street with Illeana Ireland. Mike and Annie Alison were the elders of the house. Peter Bates and Cindy Bates also lived in the house. They went to my high school. It was a very special time and memories I will keep forever. It was awesome going to bible studies, the worship was awesome, the fellowship was awesome. I mean I just felt safe like I was under the covering. It was a beautiful experience. Some things were weird, like when we went witnessing in La and people were getting saved and they moved in with us and some were drug addicts and started stealing our possessions. and brothers and sisters from the other Go's moved in.  Some of the other people at Whittier were Bill and Colleen Leroy, Rich and Wendy DeLeon, Ed and Roberta DeLeon, Jannie Zonercroff, Terri Burbank,Brenda Curtis and Lance Green.

Teresa  Dyer, now Teresa Clinkenbeard
Alaska North Pole

Gospel Outreach of Los Angeles
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Terry Dyer, 1976
Cathy and Dottie
Colleen and Bill Leroy
Colleen Leroy holding Hannah, Marilyn and baby, Leroy in back
at Whittier High School at lunch
Mike and Annie Allison
Mark, Joy, Terry, Jeff
Mi and Bob
Charlene and Brenda at Hadley house
Colleen, Hannah, Jane and Allen at YMCA
Terry Burbank, Lance, Yvonne
Richard and Brenda wedding
Steve and Michelle wedding
Brenda Curtis and Teri Burbank
Alan Zonecroft
Alan and Jannie  wedding
Peter and Cindy Bates  wedding
Kurt Nalley
Cindy Bates and Annie Allison
Steve and Yvonne
Bonnie, Berta, Judah, Debbie, Aaron 
Ed, Debbie, Shawn
Julie and Terry Dyer
Julie and Terry Dyer