The Lord's Land
Palmer, Alaska
These photos were taken at the Lord's Land in Palmer, Alaska in the summer of 1972 on Ralph DeVilbiss's farm.

The barn, which housed the brethren and the dairy cows, was a quarter of an acre inside.  Inside, the men lived in the "herdsmen's dorm" while the women were in the "sister's dorm". 

We grew potatoes, cabbage and carrots and sold them for the farm owner.      Cindi Becker

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Mike Becker in "herdsmen's dorm"
Barbara Linley in the garden
Joy Durkin with the cabbage (above)
Marnie Hazalaar and William Moody cooking over an open fire
Dave Sorenson in front of the big barn
Left to right above: Michael Terry Brill, unknown, Marnie & Lambert Hazalaar, Barbara Linley, Mike Becker
Ralph Devilbiss's farm aka The Lord's Land
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